Welcome to the Sunset Route HO Scale Model Railroad


A beautiful HO Scale Model Railroad in the Southwest featuring
The Southern Pacific Railroad, Santa Fe Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad and the Streamliner Era.

Highlights of this model railroad include the following;

Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal (L.A.U.P.T.) built on a 38’x 5’ bench work featuring 12-arrival / departure tracks, 2-engine escape tracks, 3-baggage/REA tracks, 2-mail postal tracks, 5-private car tracks, Mission & Terminal towers, L.A. river (S.P.) (U.P.) bridges & 38 switches including 10 double slip switches.

Mission Road Coach Yard built on a 36’x 3’ bench work featuring 110-passenger car capacity, 3-track storage, car washer, commissary & Pullman buildings, battery house, maintenance, machine shop & paint storage buildings.

Alhambra Engine Facility built on a 10’x 6’ bench work featuring steam-diesel transition with 2-arrival & 2-departure tracks, diesel servicing track, 11-stall round house, 13-track open air serving tracks, 1-track diesel shop, 6-track diesel storage tracks, the repair (RIP) track & water-oil-diesel fuel storage tanks.

Phoenix Yard 48’x 3’ featuring 6-tracks, engine facility steam-diesel transition, 6-stall round house, 4-track open air serving tracks, 3-track engine staging, & dual track 960’scale foot (12ft.) icing dock which will handle 48-40’reefers.